Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

Well, it’s time to kick back into gear and the children start once again their journey to educational aspirations. Though not all of us may be so lucky to have youngsters in the elementary schools, but may have moved in to the teenage world and the questions are all the more serious here.

Unfortunately, the days where teachers could spend a lot of one-on-one with students are gone. Debates can fill blogs if people began to give their opinions of a teacher’s role. Yet what really needs to become universal is that teachers lead and direct, but it is unrealistic and unfair to expect the to play all part at all times. Parents and guardians must be willing and able to invest in their child’s education and this means spending some time in the homework area.

Yes, I heard the moans and groans, had a few of my own going on. School work these days reflect a lot of the world’s changes and necessity to keep up with technology and world wide standards. Most of us could not recall a day where we had to use three different calculators for one equation. What do we do? Well, more than knowing what we do let’s remember what we should not:

  • Don’t rely on your child to empty out that book bag, make it a team effort. How many times have you ended up going through your child’s book bag in May and finding the cute little pictures he made for yo in December?
  • Turn the TV OFF.  Not even when the most of the reality shows have their final , hot , must-see showdown. Turn it OFF.
  • Step by step, don’t rush, don’t yell, make a joke, the more you make homework a task,the  more your child will consider it a chore.
  • My favorite, don’t start and not finish.

A brief mention about teens with homework. Hopefully by now your teen has developed a workable homework pattern, if not, it’ never too late. What I have found is that questions from teens, I do mean solicitation for homework help can sometimes leave us adults trying to conceal the fact that we just don’t know the answers. Think about it, how many of you would really know the answer to the geometry or algebra equation your child thrust in front of you. If we have any similarities, you would just as I have done, sit there thinking back and wishing you would have paid just a tad bit more attention to your math teacher. Yet we as parents, guardians, mentor, have to load our thinking machines and provide some answer to our student teen awaiting.


Well, as one to another, I would love to help you, it’s to be expected, one struggling former student to the next. Here are a few tips you can start with:

– Make sure you get a copy of your child’s schedule; this will give you a heads up of what kind of questions you’ll be in for.
– Ask the school, or search the internet for on line guides of the utilized textbook
– Attend PTA meetings and suggest  a “Homework Assistant Network”, where parents can ask one another to assist with difficult assignments.
– Invest in educational software or utilize many of the free software on line programs.
– Conduct weekly reviews of homework and school activities with your child, highs/lows, set goals and offer rewards.

By rahul