Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Did you know that President Obama has approved a new program that just might be tailor made for us working mothers? It is called the “Scholarships for Moms Program” and it will be a huge benefit for us who can’t seem to quite make ends meet.

Life seems to be all about feeding our kids and paying our bills, leaving little or nothing left over at the end of the month. Education seems to be what separates the haves and the have nothings in this world. This is where President Obama’s “Scholarships for Moms Program” is proving to be so very beneficial.

Working and single moms will find this program of grant money is very helpful as it will enable them to return to school without need to worry about the cost of their tuition or having to pay it back later on. There are quite a few choices to choose from among government grant money available. And there are lots of options to apply for additional grants aimed to assist working mothers. This financial aid means better educated moms with fewer of them on welfare, making this a win-win situation for everyone concerned.

Working mothers need to be made aware of the excellent programs this new administration is offering them. In spite of the poor economical times we have around us right now, there is a bright spot and it’s a better educated workforce who will be better able to support their families. Whether women are the sole support of their children, or they supplement their husbands income, they all deserve to obtain the best education possible in order to make the wages they deserve.

Additionally, there are tax advantages to getting a better education. The first $4000 in money spent on higher education is tax free, adding incentive to the whole project. Working moms, and single mothers in particular, owe it to themselves to check out what is available for them.

By rahul