Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

Schools are now getting ready to gear up for the last semester before their summer break. As many of us are asking what our financial future look like, many students who are about to graduate are finding themselves wondering what they will have to do to make it work in their new future.

While I cannot answer all of the questions as to how we will all make it, there is one thing I do believe I can answer with confidence. If there were ever a time when it was important for people to have their education in tact as well as a higher education in the making, that time would be now.

As a teacher I have watched the workforce go from advertising that a high school diploma is helpful, or even to the point of stating that it is not necessary because training is available, to now stating that a minimum of a high school diploma is required but in most cases not good enough.

Recently I visited with many people who have been laid off from their jobs and are now unsure of what they will do because they really do not have a ‘career’. These include those who have both graduated from high school and gone straight to work and those who had good intentions but started making good money and decided it was not worth it to pursue a higher education.

My challenge to you in this article is to do the following: young people – first I urge you to consider never abandoning your high school education. Secondly, begin looking at your dreams and relative career choices and start making plans now as to what it will take to get there, and do not settle for anything less. To those of us who are older – consider going back and getting more education to help you in the current job/career environment.

Now is not the time to slack off from education, as it will be what gets you ahead in the game and puts you in a category where you can continue to learn and better yourself – so that you and your assets are considered valuable at all times.

The other option is to learn a trade that is something people will never quit doing no matter how hard the times get.

Even if you are already working and have not finished your education, now is the time to rethink what you can do now so that you will always have a job without living in fear of losing it.

Times today are not easy, many things could happen, and we should be the ones looking out for ourselves.

Wynelle is a motivational speaker, mentor, trainer & empowerer of youth leadership helping them discover their purpose in life and for over 35 years has been a missionary to youth in Latin America & the Caribbean. She has appeared on networks of television shows including TBN and Enlace (Spanish Christian TV). She received an award for the “Most Outstanding Woman of the Year” in 1988 for her ministry to youth.

Wynelle has been a teacher in the classroom for almost 30 years in several different countries and now continues to work in education in administration as an assessor while still being able to work “hands on” with students.

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