Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Does an education really buy you anything in the job market?

Most people have pretty firm opinions on this and believe
that degrees are vital to landing good jobs. But is this

Let’s look at the idea that “Yes, you must have a good
education to get a good job.” That’s one possibility. If
you’re in education yourself you can make an excellent case
for needing degrees to get a job in education. That is
definitely what most people do. Most job requirements for
teachers, professors and administrators require anything
from a four year college degree to a doctorate in the field
in which you will teach or work. But do all jobs in
education require a degree? No.

When people are outstanding in their field, they are often
invited in as guest faculty, no matter what their
qualifications. Can you imagine learning about relativity
from Einstein? He had no advanced degrees. Or what about
learning business and computers from Bill Gates? He has no
degree and he is worth billions. The same is true of Steve
Jobs. No degree there, either, and he didn’t do so badly.At
least 108 members of The Forbes 400 Wealthiest Americans
never graduated from college. Their average net worth: $4.3
billion each!” Hmm. No degree? That’s not what we were told
would lead to success. It seems pretty clear that a degree
is not required for wealth or success. In fact, this site
gives a very long list of successful and famous people who
have no degree at all. Their list includes such luminaries
as Walter Cronkite, Steven Spielberg, Ted Turner and John
Glenn. Debra Fields of Mrs. Fields Cookies and Rosie
O’Donnell are two of only three women listed, but there are
undoubtedly others.

A degree does not even guarantee an entry-level job in
your chosen field. Ask anyone in California or Colorado
with a master’s in counseling or a massage therapy license.
Nothing can really guarantee wealth or success.

Entrepreneurs in many lines of business who do not have
formal education have been recruited to bring their
expertise and knowledge to related businesses, programs and
schools. Some people even “invent” their career due to
their ability to perceive the world in a unique way.

Getting a degree could be fun. You could learn things you
won’t take the time to learn any other way. You may meet
people who will be influential in your career and make
friends with similar interests. But your degree does not
guarantee your success. It doesn’t even guarantee a job in
your field. And that’s okay. As they say, “Success is a
journey, not a destination.”

By rahul