Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

In today’s technologically advanced world, many are pursuing a career in computers or information technology because they’re in demand. Nobody really pay much attention on the benefits of education jobs. However, if you possess that desire to help others and serve the general public, a career in education is your best choice. Here’s why you should even consider it:

• It’s a noble profession
People in the society look up to education professionals like teachers and school heads. It’s because they serve as excellent role models of society especially of the younger generation. Education professionals have strict work ethics and as public servants they have to live up to the expectations of their chosen vocation.

• Fun working environment
Action, drama, comedy, and suspense are all parts of a teacher’s job. Everyday is different and there’s always something to look forward to. If you enjoy the company of children or teenagers, you’ll find education jobs very appealing. There are always challenges and entertainment both in and out of the classroom.

• Good pay
Contrary to what others may say, education professionals receive a competitive salary. Qualified teachers have a salary of approximately £21,558 to £36,387 in 2010 while those who work as administrators earn from £42,379 and above.

• Excellent benefits
Aside from the salary, there are other benefits education professionals can avail. One of these is long paid holidays. There’s only 195 days in a school year for actual teaching and once this is over, teachers have lighter responsibilities during holidays. A handsome pension also awaits those who’re in this career field.

• Earn extra income
Teachers also receive extra compensation besides their basic salary once they take in other responsibilities. They can also earn extra income by conducting private tutorial classes especially online. There are many sites in the internet that are looking for online teachers to serve as tutor, course developer, or lecturer. You can do this part-time at the comfort of your home and earn extra cash.

• Professional growth
There are many scholarships for teachers who want to pursue post graduate degrees in their country or abroad. You can earn your master’s degree or doctorate degree in education even while teaching. These degrees are necessary especially if you’re eyeing an administrative position or want to teach abroad.

By rahul