Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Many have looked up to education jobs. However, only a few would resort to being a teacher in a school. In fact, the number of teachers every year is getting smaller than the previous one. This is a sad reality considering that the number of students increase every year. Unfortunately the scarcity of new teachers is taking its toll.

Thus, there is a strong drive to invite the young to resort to some education jobs. Maybe you are quite hesitant to join in since you are thinking of other occupations such as being a doctor, engineer or what not. With that said, here are some things and items that might somehow persuade you to pursue to become a teacher.

Item 1: It is noble. Being a teacher in fact is one noble profession. As such without them, we would not have any doctors, engineers or any other occupations. In fact even before becoming a professional, mentors are there and will be there to help us become someone someday. Thus, it is in your hands the responsibility of forming one in order to become productive and useful in the society and the country. As such, you are not only teaching the lessons per se but are also integrating values and disciplines along the way.

Item 2: You get to meet a lot of people. A second good thing about the education profession is you get to meet a lot of people. In here as a teacher, your students would differ and change every semester and every year. Thus, you get to know some or in fact all of them during their span of stay under your hands and care. In the process you get to gain more friends and add it up every single term or academic year.

Item 3: It is fun. Being a teacher is not only focusing on discussing the topic at hand. In fact, they fill in a lot of shoes like being a class manager, adviser and friend. Nonetheless everything boils down to the job being really fun. As a matter of fact, all these activities that mentors engage in are truly fun. Much more there are still school events that somehow teachers are also involved. The work actually varies and that is where the fun starts. If we are to compare other jobs aside from teaching, those are monotonous and in the long run boring.

These are just some of the many positive things one can surely get from teaching. As such, being a teacher might be difficult but it is really fun once you get the hang of it. In addition, your role in society is really big. Thus it would be best to resort to education jobs if ever you want to shape someone.

By rahul