Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

As Wisconsin’s public school teachers take to the streets to protest unfair government policies and budget cuts, many students who are thinking of getting Masters in Education online degrees are asking this question.

With unemployment at a high of 9%, it seems that getting a Masters is the last thing in everybody’s mind at the moment. However, there are many contrasting reasons that point otherwise.

Compelling Reasons to Get that Degree

Studies show that teachers who have post graduate qualifications are more than likely to save their jobs or get promotions. In fact, this has been incentivized in some states in order to encourage better teaching methods that would produce students who are better focused and will graduate with higher prospects for employment later on.

Furthermore, the US government predicts that the demand for teachers will reach over 1.7 million for the next ten years as it is currently hiring at a rate of 100,000 every year.









Despite concerns regarding news of massive layoffs and the potential shut down of government functions, teachers are vital to a growing economy. It’s unfathomable to hear of a society with no teachers to prepare the next generation for employment.

Race to the Top

The Obama Administration’s race to the top incentive program is derided by many as unfair and discriminative. Under the program, teachers with students who have less then stellar academic records could be evaluated negatively.

However, an alternative point of view would show that it should be an incentive for teachers to come up with creative ways in encouraging their students to perform better in school. The policy may be confronted in a way that would be proactive. If they haven’t thought about getting a Masters in Education online degree, then this policy is a greater reason for them to acquire the degree independently if the state will not provide for the tuition.

The Bottom Line

It’s just a fact of life that budget deficits and other economic matters can only be faced rather than pretend that they’re not there. It’s no easy task to be a teacher and it only comes with the territory that the one who is able to perform the best, would be the one who is passionate about his goals. A teacher who specializes in special education know fully well that a Masters of special education would arm him with the right tools to handle what was previously thought to be an impossible segment of the population to teach.

By rahul