Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Numerous researches have been conducted to support the issue that parents who are involved in their children’s education are building the foundations for a better-educated child. These children are better adjusted to school, which usually leads to life-long learning. Additionally, parental involvement sends a message directly from the parent to the child that education is important.

Parental involvement is directly correlated to reading achievement. Reading is emphasized and becomes enjoyable when parents begin reading to their children at a young age. Children begin to understand the importance of reading and monitoring the child’s achievement becomes routine, which keeps the child on the right grade level for reading throughout the educational process. Students’ reading performance is a big educational issue in America. Parents who develop a strong educational foundation in reading will be assisting their children in future endeavors and life goals. Another pertinent reason for parents to be directly involved with their children’s education is that deficiencies can be noticed quickly. Early recognition of a child’s strengths and weakness helps to develop a child’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and can help the teacher with addressing the child’s needs in daily instruction.

Equally important, is the fact that parents who are involved with their children’s education will make sure their home is conducive to learning. This means that the home will have plenty of books available for the children to read. The home will also have a variety of reference materials and tools available, such as encyclopedias, magazines, computers, and other electronics, pens, pencils, paper, etc. The home usually has a designated area for study which allows for quietness and concentration for school work. Creating an educational atmosphere includes limiting the amount of television viewed throughout the week. Homework is usually completed at the same time every day, and if homework has not been assigned it is often created by an involved parent.

Parent/Teacher Conferences and volunteer services for activities at school are equally important because it demonstrates the significance of education, and it builds a strong bond with the teacher for a line of communication. Children observe their parents, and they realize that education is important to their parents. Furthermore, school officials are appreciative of the parents who are involved and volunteer their services both in and out of the classroom. Parents become knowledgeable about educational issues and school funding sources, which often lead to additional learning advantages and opportunities for their child.

The involved parent understands the importance of reading, having an educational environment that is conducive to learning, and communicating and volunteering with the school personnel. Parents who are involved in their child’s learning process help them to build a strong educational foundation. These are the students who tend to excel academically and become the top of their class. Parental involvement is not something in which a parent should have a choice but something in which a parent must be involved.

By rahul