Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Is very interesting running a think tank, because there are lots of challenges in the world, and lots to think about. Obviously we discuss things such as the flows of civilization, one of the most important of course being education. In fact, our national discussion on education has been ongoing not only in Washington DC, but in school districts across the nation. It seems as if the global economic crisis hit home, as tax revenues decreased due to a lack of economic activity.

This has caused school districts across the country to cut teachers and their budgets. I suppose, everyone who has ever participated in going to school has their own personal view and story on the situation. It’s quite difficult to put a group of people in a room together at a PTA conference and expect everyone to get along. Often school board political races are some of the most highly charged of all. It seems as if no one can agree. There are the kids, the parents, the school administrators, the voters, the employers, and the teachers – all with different ideas of how things should run.
















In any case, that doesn’t stop our think tank from discussing all of this, especially when it comes to innovative ideas for education. One thought that I had recently after a meeting, and I wish the thought had come to me while we were still in that meeting is that;

“There sure is a lot of wasted time when it comes to the way we educate our children in school in K-12. Certainly, we can do it more efficiently. One of the biggest wastes of time is when kids ride on school buses to and from school. This is a time when we have a captured audience, and should be able to keep the full attention of the children.”

Okay so, why aren’t we playing Discovery Channel shows in those school buses on large flat-panel displays? We show movies on airliners, why can’t we show the History Channel inside the school buses as the kids go to and from? The answer is; there is no reason, and we can easily do this. It’s time that we maximize efficiency, as even modern-day SUVs have small flat-panel TV screens in the backs of the seats.

You see, all the technology already exists to do this, and if we don’t have enough time in the classroom to teach the kids how a take the “no child left behind tests” – and still teach them how to think – then why do we take advantage of this lost time? What say you? Please consider all this and think on.

By rahul