Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Noah Bookbinder:

That’s right.

I mean, the way that she laid it out is, the Justice Department was clear that they weren’t going to prosecute Donald Trump. They believed their rules set out that you couldn’t prosecute a sitting president. So, essentially, this was sort of a P.R. Document. This is, what should we say to the public?

And for the Justice Department to come and say this was some kind of deliberative pre-decisional document is not really honest, because there wasn’t a legal decision being made.

And we really had hoped that, having gotten this just absolutely scathing decision from Judge Jackson, that the Justice Department would look at this and say, now is the time to really, really go for a clean slate and sort of admit that the department, under Bill Barr, had been dishonest, behaved badly, and now it’s time to come clean, produce the document, and clean up the department, and show that it’s not going to be used for the protection of any president.

And it’s disappointing that, instead, they have chosen to continue fighting this case.

By rahul