Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

But, my life of education, hasn’t heart me none. I can read the writing on the wall. These simple, basic lines, from the hit – song, Kodachrome, by Paul Simon, a half – century ago, sums – up, a long – standing, challenge, when it comes to, effectively, educating, our school – children, which, seems to be getting, even – worse, since those days! Many of us remember, what, we called, the 3 R’s of education, reading, writing, and arithmetic, but, in reality, there has always been, a 4th R, which is meaningful, reasoning, too! Unfortunately, today, it seems, little is achieved, when it comes to effectively, learning, and understanding, these 4 basics! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, what this means and represents, and why it matters, and is important.

1. Writing skills: Whether, it is because of how, writing skills, are taught, or, an over – reliance, on using, computer aids, such as, Spell Check, many studies indicate, more than three – quarters, of high school graduates, are unable, to put together, even, a three – paragraph, essay, effectively, and properly! In addition, most students, today, cannot comfortably, use cursive (or script). Doesn’t it make sense, at a minimum, we should emphasize, educating, our youth, so they can use these basic, necessary skills? Is it any surprise, so few, regularly, read newspapers, etc, and too many, rely, so heavily, on the abbreviated/ incomplete versions, of news, etc, they see, on Social Media, etc?

2. Reading – skills, and enjoyment: It’s a shame, ready skills, of today’s students, are, weaker, than previous generations! The best way to learn, is, to thoroughly, read, and learn, from what is, on the written – page, and when, one enjoys, the process, learning skills are, consistently, enhances!

3. Mathematics/ arithmetic: Have you noticed, the apparent – panic, in a store, when their computers, go – down? Unfortunately, many of these employees, are extremely, weak, when it comes to their mathematics/ arithmetic skills, and usage! Basic math skills, especially, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, are especially, helpful, when/ if, used, properly, in nearly, every aspect of our lives! How can we demonstrate, despite computers, mobile – phones, computer applications, calculators, etc, learning, understanding, and, effectively using these skills, is desirable, and needed?

4. Reasoning: The better – developed, one, effectively learns, and uses, these skills, the more, the possibility, he will develop, the level of reasoning, which might make, a significant difference, for the better!

We need better educated, wiser, more prepared, students, so they are equipped, to handle, life’s challenges, on a consistent, effective basis! Will our education system, evolve, and achieve?

By rahul