Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Every child will develop at different rates; while some children will be walking well before their first birthday others are still finding their feet at 15 months. All children are natural learners; they are like sponges absorbing new experiences and their surroundings constantly. Introducing educational wooden toys can play a very important part in their formative years.

A child’s early awareness and  curiosity in the world around them is their first tentative steps into understanding nature, science and the world around them. The child’s home environment with their toys and interaction with adults and other children greatly influences their early language and educational development. Playing with toys is a huge part in a young child’s life so it should not be surprising how significant the effect is on their development.

Play is incredibly important, it allows an array of emotions through which the child can explore fun, sharing and social skills which leads to the development of their personality. It is important to remember that through play a child is expanding and exploring their thoughts while developing many key educational areas such as language and motor skills. Play with items like educational wooden toys can often be problem solving allowing a child to use their imagination and also to ask questions.

What is clear is  that toys play an amazing part in a child’s life and choosing toys that are pitched at the right level that will inspire and help with a child’s development is essential.

By rahul