Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

If you want to be a Doctor, learn medicine.
If you want to be a footballer, kick a football around.
If you want to be a bus driver, learn how to drive a bus!

If you want to be rich, what do you do?

A lot of people when asked the above, will work harder at their job, or take a second job, or start a business.

All the above a good, but are not right. They are definitely putting the cart before the horse.

If you want to be rich, what do you do?

The FIRST step to becoming rich is to DECIDE TO GET A FINANCIAL EDUCATION.

This leads to two supplementary questions.

(1) What is a financial education?
(2) Isn’t that hard?

Answer One: I do not mean that you go out and get yourself a MBA, or any official financial qualification. What I mean is that you DECIDE HERE AND NOW that you will start to accumulate financial knowledge from any source and by any means, and that you will do this for the rest of your life.

Financial lessons are all around, all you have to do is decide to keep an eye out for them and learn them. If you have watched TV today, or read the paper, or even just, taken a walk, you will have seen many financial lessons.

Examples from my day so far.

TV: Holiday scams using bogus websites – research and write small article on this, email to friends and print out and hand to acquaintances, include a link back to my website. They get a helpful warning; I get increased visitors to my website.

Newspaper: Property prices are up in my area. How can I cash in on this? Find a rental property, and buy (clubbing together with acquaintances if necessary).

Walk: Local clothing store is having 50% sale. I go in and ask what profit margin clothing stores usually have. After a little effort they tell me. An interesting lesson.

Answer Two: No it is not hard at all. Why? Because you will take it one small step at a time over the rest of your life. One small step at a time, taken frequently leads up to an enormous distance. In the area of financial education this means an enormous education.

The more you have taught yourself about how money works the more money making opportunities you will see. Eventually, once you have taught yourself enough, you will see that your life is absolutely packed full of money making opportunities. And your financial education will also equip you to cash in on these opportunities. All you have to do is reach out and take that money!

When you know enough, making money becomes easy and second nature. Why remain poor when you can so easily become rich.

The pay off.

The biggest pay off to giving yourself a financial education, is that you will become both financially free, and time free.

Once you have accumulated enough money, you will know how to successfully invest that money. As soon as the income from your successful investments covers your living expenses, you will be financially free.

Financial freedom means that you no longer have to work; your successful investments are working for you. You will then possess the time and money to enjoy all the things that have ever wanted to do. No longer will you have to report to your office 40 hours a week (your money will be doing that on your behalf), but instead can report to the beach, the ski slopes, that art class you always wanted to take, or your back garden with a gin and tonic, or a shovel and pruning sheers.

By rahul