Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Most people only use their Bluetooth handset to exchange or send pictures, video films or clips, games and music through their handset with this feature to their friends. Yet still others use their Bluetooth handset to transfer these graphics I mean the pictures, video films or clips and the other things I mentioned with them earlier on from their handset to their computers or from their computers to their handsets. But there is another use of the Bluetooth handset to which it can be employed that most people ignore. There is a feature or application in any Bluetooth handset that most people especially students and researchers have overlooked that if they put into good use will be very beneficial to them. The point one is trying to make here is that a Bluetooth handset has more uses apart from transferring pictures, video clips, games and music. The other use of a Bluetooth handset that one is trying to mention here is the one for educational or research purposes. Although this still involves the transfer of data but the data here transferred are educational or research materials.

An handset having the Bluetooth feature in it can be used to transfer educational or research materials from the web to the one’s system at home or from one’s system or computer at home to the internet. One can do this if one does not want to use a flash. As a student if you are given an assignment in your school or university or other tertiary institution that involves you going online, you can use your handset to copy any useful downloaded or material that you have copied and pasted from the web to transfer it to your desktop computer or laptop if you don’t want to use a flash or floppy disk. This is also applicable to researchers who also go online to look for materials. Useful research materials could also be transferred from the web to one’s computer or system at home.

Again if you as a student or researcher or lecturer have an educational material that you would like to upload online you can also use your Bluetooth handset. A student could find his or her Bluetooth handset useful in writing his seminar or final year project report. See how you can transfer educational materials from the web to your desktop system at home.

By rahul