Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

The beautiful country of Germany has so much to offer students on an educational trip. Regardless of subject focus, Germany has something to suit everyone. From its stunning countryside to its breathtaking castles, its dense forests to its deep river valleys, and its infamous history to its positive, modern regeneration it has so much to explore. Students get wonderful opportunities to practice language skills, delve into another culture, appreciate different traditions and get a real insight into modern European history.

The capital, Berlin, is brimming with historical monuments, museums and World War II legacies that invoke emotion and prompt poignant questions. The chance to consider human ethics and the political human rights record will undoubtedly stimulate interesting and vivid debates. An educational trip to Berlin is certainly one to remember but there is more to Germany than the Nazi legacy.

The Black Forest and Other German Treasures

Despite its name, The Black Forest is a place of beauty. The trees are predominantly black fir trees, famed for the legends associated with the forest in times gone by. The scenery is stunning and there is abundant opportunity to explore, either on foot or by mountain bike. You could even tackle the highest mountain in the area, The Feldberg, which stands at 1493m above sea level.—valid-33810x-dumps-pdf-for-prep—guaranteed-success-in-first-attempt—valid-7392x-dumps-pdf-for-prep—best-pdf-dumps—guarantee-results-in-7492x-exam—valid-ba15-dumps-pdf-for-prep—verified-by-bcs-experts—optimal-choice-for-bap18-exam-questions-prep—guaranteed-success-in-first-attempt—valid-cbdh-dumps-pdf-for-prep

Not only famous for its forests, this area is home to the art of cuckoo clock and watch making, The cuckoo clocks so associated with Germanic history are found all over this region and on an educational trip students could even get the chance to make one of their own. The Danube, the river that unites Europe, is also a significant feature of this region. With controversy over its source, students can consider where they believe it to be. Is it the spring in the Castle of Donaueschingen? Or is this actually the source of the River Breg, one of the two source-rivers of The Danube?

Germany has many industrially important rivers, the Rhine still being a key river for the transportation of goods throughout Germany. The Rhine Valley is rich in vineyards and Mosel is a celebrated wine area in the region. Germany has a rich culinary culture and students on an educational trip will have the chance to explore the cuisine and sample all the regional delights of this country.

Despite Berlin being the country’s capital, Munich is another city of wonderful distractions and educational scope. There are some excellent museums and art galleries and the city’s cathedral should definitely be on an educational agenda. With a capacity of 20,000 people it is the largest church in the city. You can climb the towers and take in the view of Munich’s cityscape and the distant Bavarian Alps. The domes on this 15th century Gothic Cathedral were modelled on the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

By rahul