Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

Although wooden toy trucks have been a prized possession of children for decades, there is no doubt that the innovation and excitement involved with building your own truck with Lego construction blocks is unparalleled.

Learning though play is one of the most popular forms of educating children during their early years. However, the quality of knowledge and a child’s development are very much dependent on whether the toys with which they play are educational toys or not. As a parent, one of the most important responsibilities is therefore, to provide suitable educational toys to your children in order to encourage and enhance their learning and development.

In terms of educational value, Lego is widely-renowned as being an educational toy forerunner in international stakes for children aged three and up. Whereas wooden toy trucks have fixed dimensions and capabilities, the variation of each Lego toy truck remains limited only by the imagination, creativity, and skill of the child building it.

Every child has a unique perception of what an ideal truck looks like in his or her mind based on seeing cars and trucks on a daily basis. Because of this, a child can relate to them, learn their movements, construction, and capabilities through building replicas or variations of them.

Through observation, parents can get an idea as to how their child’s motor skills are developing and on an interactive level, are able to participate in the building of a Lego toy truck with their child, which fosters good child-parent relationships.

Lego blocks are designed to develop young starters’ minds while stretching their imagination and cultivating their ability for creativity. Not only do we as parents believe that, we remember it, having built our own toy trucks from Lego as children all those years ago, with little thought for any wooden toy trucks that may have been in the vicinity.

By rahul