Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Toy Story character dolls, be they plush, plastic, electronic, small, or tall have enjoyed success for years now, as the adventures of Woody, Buzz, and Mr. Potatohead have touched the hearts and imagination of children and adults alike. Whereas nobody doubts the popularity of the Toy Story dolls, many may doubt their categorization as educational toys. Why? Well, most parents like to see the educational value of the educational toys they buy. If the toy is designed to aid fine motor skills, you would expect a toy such as a Hama bead kit which concentrates on pushing small beads into a shaped base with peg-holes.











If the toy is designed to promote logical progression, then you would expect a toy such as a puzzle, board game, or set of cards, such as Dora Snap. And if the toy is designed to focus on creativity and construction, you would expect a toy such as Lego or similar. However, how do you judge whether or not an educational toy is suitable to promote the imagination? Surely Toy Story toy dolls do that! Using the films already released as a base for continuing adventures involving Woody and Buzz, the natural progression for a child is to expand on those characters and continue their own adventures using those characters.

Adapting Woody – the main film character from Toy Story – is a means of creativity in terms of progressive thought, application of knowledge learned, and enthusiasm to plan and carry out a related scenario. Where TV is often blamed for children not using their brains, as brain activity reduces to near minimal whilst watching it, character dolls inspire imagination.

So, next time you think to buy a Toy Story doll or one from any other animated feature film, remember: it’s not just a doll, it’s a starting point for a child’s imagination. If educational toys are designed to progress movement, thought process, coordination and more, in a child, then it’s hard to believe that character dolls from Toy Story would not then be classified as educational toys too.

By rahul