Wed. Feb 1st, 2023

Keeping your students motivate throughout the entire school year is a difficult task for a physical education teacher. Providing some variety in the lessons and giving students moments to look forward to will keep students eager to learn and stay motivated to participate. As classroom teaching and physical education teaching methods can differ, bringing back teaching methodologies that are known to keep students interested and focused are being used more in within PE and coaching settings. Below are 7 ideas to provide variety to a physical education class and keep students coming to class happy and optimistic about learning new skills and activities.

1. Give mini trophies at the end of the school year or at the end of physical education units to the students who have participated and preformed their very best throughout the school year.

2. Give stickers out at the end of the class to the students who participated and demonstrated sportsmanship in the class.

3. If your class behaves and participates well throughout a particular unit, at the end of that unit reward the class by letting them have one gym class in which as a class can play a game they have enjoyed from a previous unit.

4. Research new and unique games which students have never played, but you know they would really enjoy. Introduce this game when your students have behaved and deserve it.

5. Create a variety of different award certificates at the beginning of the school year that exemplifies model behavior. At the end of the school year give each student that fit into one of those behaviors a certificate. You can have certificates for participation, skill, preparedness, leadership, sportsmanship, etc.

6. Reward students who follow the rules and consistently behave with bonus points to help improve their grade.

7. Motivate and encourage your students throughout the school year. Learning should be the ultimate reward. By motivating them to learn, students will be receiving information and knowledge necessary to live a happy and healthy life. Always remind students that what they learn their physical education lessons [] can apply to areas of their life as they become adults.

By rahul