Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

While evaluating a particular type of course, I want to know if it provides a benefit that can aid my career ascension. Here are some questions I would ask to help with my decision making:

Does the course offer better intra-organization networking?
Should I care? Probably yes, if I want to network with colleagues/seniors who have influence in my current organization. Who knows who could have the key to an opportunity in my org that can give me my career break? Corporates usually tie up with a good management program, so it is an excellent meeting ground where those colleagues from my org sign up for the course alongside me. I get to know them in the classroom and interact with whom I may not have met otherwise at my workplace, even though they are from my organization itself

How about inter organization Networking?
I would care if I want to be able to network with senior professionals with influence across other organizations. Networking can open up career opportunities which are not advertised at a regular job portal. Because corporates usually tie up with a good management program, it is an excellent meeting ground for executives from several companies who are signing up for the course alongside me. I will get to know them in the classroom and be able to interact with them

Have I ever felt that I needed to manage Ego at senior/leadership positions?
As I ascend into senior, possibly leadership type positions, I will likely vie with other qualified people. Some of them could be younger than me and rise faster because they had an additional management qualification, other things being equal. That they have risen to catch up with me or may have even left me behind can bother my ego. At other times, I could rise to a position where my peers already have management education/background; at that point, I should be able to “measure up” with a suitable management qualification myself. This allows for egos to be contained and silos to be overcome. Thus, a management qualification is an “asset”, an investment for future that should be made when I have time and energy. Otherwise, I may sorely miss the lack of a proper “management” tag when the time arrives

“I want to learn rules of the game”
Let’s face it: We cannot hope to win a game if we don’t know all its rules. At senior positions, especially leadership positions and not the plain vanilla manager ones, I will need to understand how to differentiate as a business leader. The thinking for that differentiation can be greatly accelerated from management education, combined with workplace learning. At the very least, it can replace many years of leadership experience by trial and error that I’d otherwise need to acquire beforehand. So, probably I just want a course, any course that can empower me with the right level of education

“My goal is to learn. Higher learning seeds Professional Vitality”
I need to bring fresh thinking into my current job. Today, “technical” professionals cannot afford to remain simply technically inclined and ignore other facets of how business operates. This is not just a motherhood and apple pie statement; I know I can quickly become redundant after a few years when people with lesser experience become ready to do my cookie cutter job for a lower pay. I need to be prepared to “move up the value chain” but that movement may not be today. If I don’t demonstrate today that I have the differentiated thinking, the new perspective and vitality that makes me deserving of that higher position someday, then I am probably set up for that day when I could be struggling not to become redundant. A proper management education is one way how I can prepare for that movement one day

By rahul