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The Virtues of Online Education – Clemenbit
Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

With the advent of the Internet getting an education now is easier and more convenient than before. You have an option to complete your degree in two ways. There’s the traditional way where you attend classes in your colleges or universities with the other students. And there’s the distance learning where you can get your degree online. Online learning had gain popularity over the past several years simply because it makes the students life easier. Though it may not really provide the socialization process that one can get by attending school the traditional way, in online learning students can complete their program in their on convenience and pace. Furthermore, more and more students opt for this type of education. But unfortunately significant number of students also failed to complete their program in this format. If you decide to have an online education you have to consider these factors first. You have to make sure that you are intrinsically and extrinsically equipped with the right skills and discipline to sustain online education until the end.

As mentioned, online education will provide student the independence to complete their work in their own pace since there’s no deadline. Schedules are flexible and you have full control of time. They have the choice to finish one module in a short period of time or do the same module for several days. It has always been the case that people will tend to delay their work to the point where it’s impossible for them to even continue. If you’re not a self-motivated person, if you’re not goal oriented then online education may not be good for you. Train yourself to set your own deadlines. You have to be self motivated and set some time to finish one requirement in a logical period of time. If not then you might find yourself completing the degree forever.

By the name itself, its online education so the basic premise here is to do your education online. You have to know how to use the basic functions of computer the same way as how you know the capacity of your own body. Online learning requires you to attend online classes, online discussions, downloading learning materials and uploading the completed assignments. You need to know how to do conferencing, logging in to servers to download materials and uploading content or finished materials to the same server. Students who hates computer might be better off getting their education in a traditional way. It’s hard to focus or to get things done especially if in the first place you don’t like what you are doing. According to theories there will never be learning in that kind of setting because the brain itself cannot function as you want it because there’s a limiting factor involve which is the computer.

With any education you need to read a lot. Different courses or subjects require different references to be used and read. Learn to read materials in text format. You can’t actually expect daily discussions from your online facilitators. It’s not created that way. You have to do it yourself. In addition, many communications for online education involve text such as online chat, forum, message board and email. If you can’t communicate well in text format, online education is not for you.

In short online learning may provide a whole lot of convenience for student. Though it may not really provide the college or university life that you want but getting your degree will be easier since you work at your own pace and time. But not all students are motivated enough finish their degree this way. As online students you need to have self control, self motivation, discipline and goal. You have to know how to set standard so that you can finish your program in an expected time.

By rahul