Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

Gas prices are jumping around at the gas pump and are due to go higher with a potential war in the Middle East, again. Electricity prices are sky high this summer just to keep cool. ATM fees have gone up so you are now paying more to use your own money. Even using debit cards in some instances banks will charge you a processing fee! Fast food has gone out of sight so my family seldom goes out to eat. With the Bush tax cuts gone taxes are up eating away at your income that means your freedom to do more has been stymied. Families are saving less because there is less to save. While Colleges & Universities are having a good old time soaking the families of college age youngsters to miss-educate and in some cases indoctrinate our gullible youth into seriously bent agendas that have nothing to do with higher education.

$150,000 to Go To Georgetown

How can anyone family faced with paying $150,000 for a law degree from Georgetown seriously think they are getting a bargain? So why aren’t families complaining about the high cost of an academic education? The research shows that costs of high tuition are only being paid by a small minority of folks that actually have the money to pay for it. The rest are freeloading off taxpayer subsidies of one kind or another or taking advantage of very generous Federal government student loans that will be paid back over a long period of time.

We Are All Paying

What it amounts to is we are all paying for college whether we like it or not even though some of these institutions are not worthy places of higher education and are being used to railroad our college age young men and women into positions of learning that are not compatible with society’s norms. This is a terrible idea for the following reasons:

* Places of higher learning are just not accountable to consumers for what they are teaching as an end product. With very few exceptions, most of the curriculum is predetermined by activist dollars who want to see a particular outcome so they twist the arms of the powers that be to induce classes that promote a certain agenda. What you have coming out of colleges for the past 20 years are students worshiping the gods of multiculturalism, feminism, and socialistic ideas that are totally anti-American in nature.

* By insulating consumers from the inflated costs of higher education they drive the cost even higher for those that can afford it. What academia is actually doing is setting tuition so high you are forced to jump through so many complying hoops; take on amounts of debt that limit your earning power for a number of years in the future; take curriculum that has nothing to do with your major; this amounts to a vicious cycle of increased costs that fences in students making them slaves to their debt.

* When you do not have a free capitalistic free market, which responds to the laws of supply and demand, establishments of higher learning are even less responsive to consumer wishes. The result, over the years, has been that these former bastions of academic freedom have been morphed into gulags of political correctness run amok that has almost entirely skewed students views on world events.

By rahul