Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

David Brumbaugh:

Well, I think this has been a long haul for our kids.

And they have been, in many ways, the most dutiful citizens during this pandemic, wearing masks, following rules. But they have been disrupted from normal activity, school, their peer networks, sports and other activities.

And I think that’s taken a toll over time. And I think it’s been a low-level trauma over these last 15 months. I think that the surprising piece of this is that this spike in acute presentations is occurring at a time point when we’re starting to see some hope and rays of sunshine on the horizon with this pandemic.

But it could be that we’re exiting survival mode, and so we’re seeing kids experience really deterioration of their mental health at a time they’re exiting the trauma and back reentering into normal life.

By rahul