Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Financial Education is the Seventh Step to Financial Freedom. As it is my contention that little to no financial education is preached in the grade schools or high schools, a person must learn all about finances from somewhere, or on there own. A whole host of money problems can be avoided with just a little effort on your part to better yourself with some basic knowledge on this topic. Some people turn to the internet for any and all education. You might even call this step Webucation but I will get to that in a moment. The point here is that one does not stop learning the day they graduate from high school or college or whatever. You become a better person, a better saver, a better investor, a better businessman, a better family provider, a better whatever you want to be when you keep on learning. The better your understanding of how finances work, the quicker you will reach your goal of financial freedom.

The great English author Sir Francis Bacon said it best: “Knowledge is Power”. Thanks in no small part to the internet, many people now get their education from the web… hence the term Webucation. Some of this great nation’s early pioneers thought themselves all they needed to know to start their own companies. Now it is your turn and it is going to be an a lot easier for you as all you need to do is surf the web to capture the knowledge and financial education needed to reach financial freedom.

The financial education that you need to reach the state of financial freedom will include all aspects of money such as investing, saving, compounding your return, and several financial rules of thumb such as how much house you can afford without going into too much debt. You also need to learn why it is not good to live up to the “Jones’s” as this will further delay your ability to break free from the rat race.

Once you have built up your financial education, you may be inclined to start a home based business, there is a very good chance that the internet and the Webucation it offers is the tool that is going to get you to your destination. The interesting thing about Webucation is that in addition to it being the tool that one will use to start a second business, Webucation itself is the product that many internet entrepreneurs offer as their main business. This specialty business comes with it’s own moniker: “Infopreneur”.

As a marketer of information/education on the web you will become an infopreneur! What a great business to be in! Barriers to entry are almost non-existent. All you need is a dream and the drive.

One other nice thing about being an infopreneur is that most of the products that you sell are E-books or E-products. Customers download them instantly which relieves you of any inventory/ storage/ shipping requirements that traditionally go along with selling a physical product. Of course, if you have your own website where you offer electronic information, it is also common to have some corresponding hard goods available for sale.

By rahul