Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

Education is empowerment in many ways. It has the power to eradicate ignorance, poverty, and make individuals become independent because of their career choices. In life’s supermarket, we are encouraged to take education seriously because it affords us to be self-reliant.

This is the basic understanding of education. But what is the power of education? Before modern man was able to organize his mind to form various levels of civilizations, he was nurtured by earth. Nature weaned him in the recesses of her caves. His mind was disorganized, and his ways were wild as the beast of the fields. For thousands of years, he was dissatisfied with his condition.

Man the pupil learned the ways of nature. His instincts were impeccable; his understanding of the senses given to him was his only hope for survival. He then understood the power of education. Though nomadic and fickle in thought, he withstood harsh winters and unsteady storms. His resilience was embedded into his identity. His passion to survive marked his identity. Fate and Providence etched into his mind a longing hope to excel higher above all the creatures in the fields.

His mind explored new horizons, forging new paths for generations to come. This is the power of education. For us to survive as a top species; we have to return to the basics of living. We have isolated ourselves and our thoughts from true wisdom. Today’s man depends solely on self-only. It’s not until we are faced with dilemma and calamity, then we realize our true inner potential.

Education will continually be defined and restructured as mankind’s concept of living and life evolves. Generations will continue to reshape paradigms and as they do so education will be re-defined into a new concept.

By rahul