Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

“Anyone give me something to eat…god will bless you…you will receive…” a girl of seven cried out outside the door. I looked outside and I was very much disappointed for what I saw there – the girl begging outside, a horrible view which hovers in my mind. A small boy of five, the next door offered her something. The only deference between the two kids was that one of them was “giver” and the other was “beggar”. Who has drawn the distinction line as these kids are not aware of? There is no more depressing than this for me. Whenever I see children deprived of education, my heart cry out in agony. May the Almighty give them a chance to “learn”, no matter some happy moments of my life get sacrificed for them in doing that!

Education means training of mind and body which involves developing certain skills in a particular way irrespective of the method adopted for this noble task. It is a must for growing children and elders alike and there is no age limit drawn for learning.

Though education has been compulsory, there are many children who are deprived of education. I’ve often seen innocent children begging in the train who are simply unaware of the forthcoming pitfalls which they are going to face because of ignorance of learning. Learning brings awareness and power to live the life fullest and endurance to face life boldly. Who is responsible for their pitiable condition?

Educational opportunities are open for all still unfortunately, a big figure remains unsolved where many child girls do not get adequate education and training. The unsatisfactory exposure to education often gives a way to developing negative attitudes in those who are deprived of education.

I would like to relate another story that tells of the fate of a boy deprived of education. When I was waiting for my friend to return, a beggar boy came by. It was something unusual about him. What was more exciting was his voice vibrating in a way that I failed to make out what he was really murmuring. His deep eyes supported his speech to make his words more clearly to me. In fact, he was asking for a coin as he was hungry. It was not the hunger which moved my heart but it was his ignorance of him that he did not know what he was doing and where his life was leading, made me ponder over the situation for a while. I asked myself who is responsible for such awful fate? Such kids as I encountered need to have proper educational exposure and we have to be very much conscious about it.

UNICEF has observed that a millions of children between the ages of 6 to 7, including girls are without basic education. This affects children’s welfare for which contributed to world peace and security. Let’s contribute to spreading awareness of having proper education and learning in those who are deprived of this source of knowledge.

By rahul