Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

From kindergarten to elementary to high school, you can find teachers on all levels. It can also be referred to as professors when they’re particular in discipline and/or hold a special degree. They are at any rate, providers of the future thoughts you will form in your head and the amount of knowledge you gain depends upon them.

A longer and more diverse range of qualifications can be found with a University level teacher as compared to one who teaches at primary school. Therefore, they also receive a higher salary. This proportionality setting makes sense since University teachers have gone a longer way to reach the position at which they stand.

It is not carved into stone however, that a person having more degrees is in some way better than one with a lesser amount. Genius can sometimes, in fact, more than often, not be represented on paper.

Teachers of primary school struggle to provide a good, strong base to a child whereas teachers of a tertiary level have a different agenda. A tertiary level student is generally equipped with abilities to read, write and do math. Therefore, he/she is at the stage of becoming an individual and finishing basic education.











The level of tertiary education can prove to be for some, the equivalent of stepping unaware into a lion’s den. They may find professors who scare and scream but most just aim to teach, not terrify. Students are easily confused between these two tactics but growing up they realize that it was all for their own good.

Teachers really have their jobs cut out for them with the increase in competition amongst students and the growing need for education. They have to come up with newer, better ways to teach and continue to add certificates and degrees in their name. Parents don’t help in this situation either since they take no time blaming a teacher for their child’s poor understanding or bad grades.

Education is in fact, steadily becoming a lucrative business. Soon there may come a time when a university teacher’s salary depends upon the class revenue. Teachers will then have an insane high-risk job resembling the stock market at some degrees.

If it comes to such things, one might have to decide between price and prized education. The one that actually matters and the one that costs the best but might not necessarily be the best form of education.

By rahul