Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

Apple products are innovative as well as technologically advanced, take for instance the iPad it is now not only a source or entertainment but a lot more. iPad has changed the perception of users and has emerged as an essential mobile gadget that is useful as well as informative. Interestingly this gadget is successfully known to establish its presence in the most eminent industry, the education industry.

The iPad is now used by students to enhance their learning ability, make improvements in their test scores and providing the best medium for interactive learning. This means that not only a lot of available content can be utilized to the benefit of students but it also gives a chance to reduce the burden of backpacks from young shoulders. Let us look at how iPad has changed the way students seek education.

iPad Vs Textbooks

The best thing to happen to students is the introduction of iPad as an education tool. This facilitates a student in many ways, for example in unburdening them from textbooks. The biggest challenge that comes with textbooks is that it becomes outdated soon. The content has a limited shelf life, this is what makes a huge difference in learning experience. Year after year students have to go through the same old course content whether it is useful or outdated. Another thing is that it is relatively expensive to produce textbooks, this is what makes them costly. There are textbooks that are as costly as or more than $100. Now taking in account the cost if a student has to purchase six different course books then the amount can easily reach up to $600. The only solution seems to be accessing e-books via iPad.

iPad is easily available at $329, additionally education discounts are already available for Macs. One might be able to utilize $999 iMac for educational purpose. Not only there is financial freedom but also freedom to access updated content. iBooks provided by Apple play a major role in providing updated course curriculum and one can easily access e-books at all levels.

iPad for Students and Teachers

Lugging around the heavy textbooks to school or college is something that has long been the trend. One has to carry the load either for class assignment or for homework. With iPad, the load of textbooks is eliminated. The best thing about this device is that it is light in weight, ultraportable and easy to use. A student can easily complete homework assignment and learn through interactive medium. For teachers, it is easy to carry notes instead of textbooks or binders. A good example is a classroom sans paper usage, just the idea that Jackson Christian School has adopted. Students carry iPad and teachers rate their students’ tests on iPads.

Education Outside Classrooms

The learning curve of each student varies and the manner in which one learns is different from another. The rigidity of the education system is that it is not made to suit individual student needs. What is good for one may not be for another. The tool of choice is what makes all the difference and with iPad, all is possible. Now a student has the choice to how, when and where when it comes to learning. Creating an app that enables in customized learning based on individual needs is something that is added advantage. Until then students can get in touch for more guidance on specific topic, even outside classrooms and form a collaborative medium to understand better. Teachers can provide guidance using iPad via video chat or other media useful to get the message across easier.


Utilizing modern means of spreading education that is better, faster and more interactive with added advantage of updated curriculum is what iPad is all about. Adopting this mobile device for the purpose of acquiring education and turning on to this medium of education is beneficial to all. iPad app is as useful in enabling activities like annotate PDFs, taking notes and in recording lectures.

By rahul