Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Going to college regardless of one’s background in my opinion should be as regulated as the financial system. College is so important in aiding young people in shaping their ideas on themselves and on life. This is why I am and will continue to be a proponent for higher education. I believe that higher education is so imperative now that it should help to “propel the fierce urgency of now”. Dr. Martin Luther King made those words famous and I too believe in them especially when it comes to educational empowerment. I would like to express to all people that an “I Can” Attitude coupled with some real world knowledge and the chance of upward mobility is what education does through empowerment.

Simply having an “I Can” attitude alone can be a fulfilling prophecy. If one believes in themselves and can see themselves doing what others may consider the impossible then that alone can give you the jolt of perseverance to get up everyday and aspire to go college. When I was in college, I would surround myself with people whose only thoughts were to graduate so they can get a good job and climb the corporate ladder. That contagious idealism kept me in college and would help to make me believe “I Can” graduate. Having that oneness mindset also allowed for diverse ideas on life and how to navigate it during college and post graduation.
















Aside from the thought of “I need to graduate to get a good job” college allowed for me to begin to understand life. I would have the opportunity in lecture courses to share my life experiences to the other students. I found that my experiences most of the time was the complete opposite from the other 500 people in a lecture course. However I felt that through listening and engaging in dialogue this allowed me to see things through the eyes of others; some I considered good and others different. The feeling of knowing that I was taking courses that would enrich my life was gratifying in itself.

Although I gained the richness of culture and academia I always believed that this $60,000 education would yield a considerable salary job and allow for upward mobility. Which it did allow for that but not only did it open my eyes toward a great white collar job, it also opened my eyes up to the idea of free enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

So to conclude, empowerment through education is absolutely imperative it helps to foster a “I Can” attitude, it helps young people to understand the varying circumstances of life and it helps to open the doors to upward mobility. I wrote this article because I know education is empowering it’s allowed me to own and operate a vending business and an online internet company. I want all the young people in high school and beyond to take heed to the quote “the fierce urgency of now” because it embodies the need of education for all in this country.

By rahul