Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Everybody would love to get a chance to go back to the university and continue with education either on full time basis or on part time basis. But then the major factor that one has to consider is the college tuition fee that works out to be too expensive.

Though loans and grants are available, not many people would like to opt for it if it is possible for them to pursue their studies without taking loans.

Many parents find it difficult to see their children through their college education because it is very expensive for them to afford such high costs and hence many do get worried as to whether to send their children to college or not. But then before you take a decision there are several factors that you need to consider.

Scan through the job market and you will notice that even the entry level jobs ask for a minimum qualification of graduation of two to four years study. This being the case without graduation you cannot hope to land a good job. Hence college education and a degree becomes a necessity.











Education does add value to your learning as well as to your skill sets. It equips you to perform better in your job. One can clearly see the difference in the approach as well as the performance of one who has graduated from the college to the one who has not.

Specific courses help you to acquire knowledge and skills in specific industry and jobs. If you graduate with an IT degree you are able to immediately fit into an IT industry job while somebody who has not been trained in IT may not be able to fit in or will take more time.

Armed with a degree you will be able to get good jobs that offer good money as well as better career advancement opportunity. When you do spend money to get educated and get a good paying job, you will be able to pay off the loan in no time and pursue your career aspirations.

You should look at your short term prospects as well as long term prospects before taking a decision in life. You can have a brilliant career and earn all the money you need only when you have a good degree to back you up. Therefore it makes sense for you to take a loan and invest into your qualification.

By rahul