Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

A few decades ago, Educational Software were kind of luxuries for schools that were priced heavily and not many were ready to bear the costs. Nowadays, these software programs have become an integral part of any teaching curriculum in almost all the schools. Everyday new educational packages are being introduced that quickly become part of a school’s curriculum. The development of huge number of such software programs has led to their shelf-life being not for longer period. Only small fractions of the software packages have integrated successfully into the classroom on long term basis. These programs are successful because they are designed in a way that the update and develop themselves in order to place new challenges to students with the increase in their skills and knowledge. They also help in enhancing their computer skills like moving the mouse, controlling on-screen graphics, developing new design ideas and budgeting money.

In the present day education scenario, the first thing a student faces in classroom is the ever-present school computer that comes with all sorts of possibilities like school websites, Educational Software programs and a wide spectrum of other resources. Nowadays, students are not only interested in simple writing, but they are even keen on publishing their work. Computer and related products have become important part of children’s learning process not only in their school but also at their home. But, the wide range of knowledge and skills that they can learn using computers is based on the quality of the software and the included content. Most of the quality software companies invest lots of consideration and research into the development of kid’s software programs that has resulted in the creation of cross-curricular design programs for kids of almost any age.

Selection of a software program should be based on the needs of the students as well as those of the teachers. The requirements of learners could include improvement of numeracy and literacy skills, improvement of concentration and learning ability, spatial skills and comprehension of the curriculum and gaining new knowledge. At the same time teachers also have their own set of requirements that need to be addressed while selecting the program. It can include reducing their time required for marking, streamlining the complete teaching and learning process, enhancing the quality of different lessons, sorting out problem areas, engaging with students at an interactive level and helping with administration as well as planning.

By rahul