Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Education in general has changed since the majority of us attending school. If we are smart we are out there right along with everyone learning to adapt in the business world. A 21st Century Education today is a key ingredient to success, in the business and with our personal finances.

What does this mean for today’s students, who are already in school or a university? It means that they already have an advantage, and are headed in the right direction. It is clear that you need a good education that can withstand economic challenges. So many people who were educated lost their jobs due to lay off’s and staff reductions. How can you avoid this or at least cut your chances of being laid off down; by enhancing your skills and developing a millionaire mindset.

Think beyond the obvious and be a leader, who is a creative team player, works well with and respects others. Another part of a 21st Century Education is learning how to use today’s technology to resolve problems, and to step up when you know you can make a difference. If you believe you have what it takes to take care of a problem, then speak up, and be heard. This is a trait of a good leader.

The hardest part for today’s students; and those planning their education is that this journey takes commitment. Colleges and Universities are constantly working on designing new classes that teach ways to work with today’s technology. A student may find that what they know alone about computing and technology may be more than some teachers know already.

The 5 parts to 21st Century education are like pieces to a puzzle. As you start acquiring these skills you begin to adapt easier to the world around you.

As our children grew we taught them to control their emotions. While this did not always work then, they have learned to be emotional intelligent as young men. This means that when faced with a dramatic situation they have the ability to consciously respond to the event instead of letting their emotions rule them. This is part one of a 21st Century Education.

Becoming Financial Intelligent is the second step, and is a matter of learning to make your money work for you. Understanding how the financial markets and system work can help you plan your moves just as a player does in chess.

Step three combines several traits that include Creative Thinking, which is a key to success. Learn to negotiate is the second step. This requires learning to never take no for an answer. The third lesson is one we taught our children at a young age; in order to get anything done you have to know how to communicate with others. The fourth part is being able to market yourself and communicate your ideas to others. See how these all work together? You may have the best idea in the world, but unless you are able to focus on your goals, communicate and negotiate with others, as well as market it, then the idea will never grow into a reality.

Step four is utilizing the concept of RPA, which translates into Results, Purpose and Action. This is the path to envisioning what you want and then making it happen. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish from a situation? Then decide the purpose of your actions, and then make to move to achieve your vision.

The final step is to design your life by taking control of your environment and life. By identifying your goals, what it holding you back, and breaking habits that may get in your way you can focus your energy on your goals. Are you ready to take action to change your life?

Just as with your health, it is wise to seek the advice of a professional when you have questions about your educational and financial well being.

By rahul