Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Today it seems like a natural part of life for children to watch TV and play video games all day. However, Unless the television show is an educational show that won’t bore the child, or the video game is one that involves a certain degree of strategy, they’re not getting too much out of these activities. More importantly, they are not using their imaginations which is very important to do in the world we live in today.

Studies dating back as early as 1940 have shown that a child’s IQ can be increased by more than 50 points through the proper stimulation in the first 6 years of life. Your child already has certain natural skills, but you can help further develop those skills through the power of play with the right developmental toys and educational games. You possess the power to help improve your child’s skills such as memory retention, reading skills, motor skills, eye-hand coordination and math skills.
















There are a variety of educational toys that are available for children as soon as they are able to grab things. An educational toy can be something as simple as a puppet or matching shapes. These toys prompt the child to think and the colorful pieces that come with these toys make the activity interesting. What can makes these activities even more beneficial is when the parent is involved and takes time to praise the child when he or she is successful.

The most important factor in selecting learning toys for your children is choosing a toy that is appropriate for your child’s age. You should start by determining the child’s current developmental needs, both physically and emotionally. Then, look for the educational toys that are appropriate for your child’s stage of development.

For example, an infant that is just beginning to learn to focus and grasp things with their hands would benefit from a toy that develops hand-eye coordination. Toddlers, on the other hand, would require toys that focus on stacking and pulling, pre-dressing, and language basics.

Years ago, toy manufacturers started out by making educational toys that covered everything from preschool through high school. These toys confused some children and did not appeal to most. However, through the years, the top educational toy makers started to make better use of research and technology, and have done quite a good job creating quality educational toys and learning games targeted to a child’s age group and skill level.

By rahul