Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

The special job oriented training given to somebody based on practical use of machinery for industries is technical education. Therefore it is such a practical skill development course that teaches a student how to use scientific equipment or machines in our daily life.

A student, who is given technical education later becomes a technician whose job is handling equipment or machines and keeping them in good condition. On the contrary the general education given in schools and colleges produces such an educated person whose job is to search for a job. It is because they are given theoretical education rather than practical one. Moreover, they have to spend so many years at college or university that makes them get tired of learning. Since it is non technical subject, they may later be unemployed. Therefore, in this regard, technical education is a synonymous word for employment in which they can use their mind as well as their hands.

Technical education is also a part of vocational education. Vocational education is connected with the skills and knowledge to do a particular job. In other words, vocational education prepares students for specific jobs. It is available at schools and colleges with special and specific training. Besides, this king of skill can be passed from one person to another informally.

Technical education is a must for the developing and the under developed countries. Since it is difficult to afford higher studies, it has been a must due to short time training and the assurance of a job on hand.

By rahul