Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Don’t just sit on the wall, because we all know what happened to Humpty Dumpty… Don’t We?

So don’t let the same thing happen to you! The last thing you want to do is waste the education you may have just received by doing nothing with it!

I like to be brutally honest and I like to put things into perspective. So here it is…by attending an educational seminar or workshop, or purchasing an educational CD or book and doing absolutely nothing with the information and/or education that you obtain, it is like purchasing a package of flower seeds and leaving them in the original package hoping they will germinate and grow into something beautiful all on their own. While the seeds do possess the genetic capabilities to grow into something truly beautiful, in order to do so they will first need to be removed from the package. Then they need to be planted in such a way that they have the best chance of realizing their true potential. Then they need to be watered and fed. They also require the correct environment. After all of this, then and ONLY then can they grow and become something truly beautiful.

By attending seminars and workshops, or by purchasing educational CD’s or books, you will obtain seeds of a different type. Seeds that have the genetic potential to provide you with the necessary tools or ideas that will help you to achieve or obtain… whatever it is in your life that you want!

You may also obtain seeds that have the genetic potential to help you…make a lot of money and/or make a real difference in the lives of others. Regardless of whatever it is you are looking to achieve, it is “what you do with YOUR seeds”, that really matters.

The moral of the story… Don’t leave your seeds in their packages. Do something with them!

It is a known fact that only a very small percentage of people will actually “do something” with what they have learned at a seminar or workshop, or with the information or education that they have obtained from listening to a CD or reading a book.

Obtaining education and not doing anything with it is a… COLOSSAL WASTE!

It can also become a pretty expensive dust magnet. Because that’s all your seminar or workshop binders will be doing is sitting on your shelf collecting dust, especially if you do not do anything with them. So don’t be one of those who doesn’t do anything – get off the wall and take some…action!

Will you experience some disconnects? Absolutely. This is all part of the learning curve, so don’t be afraid! We “learn” from our mistakes. However, if you do not make any mistakes, you will not learn anything.

Unfortunately, that’s just the way it works!

Depending on what type of education you elect to pursue, it may also help you to lower the fear barrier. The fear barrier typically paralyzes most people from taking any action at all! However, once you lower the fear barrier, you will be in a much better position to see over the top of the fear barrier and you will be able to take action! I can personally relate to this. Before I educated myself on real estate, I had never purchased a single piece of real estate, except for my own home. After educating myself, I lowered the fear barrier and was able to purchase 10 properties within the first five weeks of graduating from the seminar. Did the education stop there? Absolutely not. Just like the “flower seeds” I referred to earlier, they needed to be watered and they also required the correct environment to do so. As a result, I continue to “water my seeds” by attending many different seminars and workshops, as well as listening to many CD’s and reading many books. By doing so, I create the “correct environment” to create even more success.

So as you can see… education is a continuous thing!

A word of caution regarding the “fear barrier” thing… Do not totally eliminate the fear barrier altogether, as a “little” fear is a good thing. It will keep you in check. This can also be viewed as your big sister or big brother since it will be watching over you! Without “some” fear, you may also become reckless. And that is NOT a good thing!

So now that you know how to lower “your” fear barrier… What are you waiting for?

My name is Tony Peters and I have been investing in Canadian real estate since 2000. I have personally transacted on “hundreds” of properties and have done so without using any of my own money! As a result of my “creative” strategies that I apply, I was able to give up my ($150K a year) day job and take control of my own financial future. I accomplished this by using “OPM” (other people’s money) and buying properties with No Money Down!

I have since developed a unique and extremely rewarding “Lease To Own” real estate System and as a result of being asked, I have now made ourSystemTM available for others to purchase: []. My system is so complete that I like to refer to it as “A Business in a Box”. I also have a personal philosophy that in order to be successful you must always ensure that everyone is set up for success and that all stakeholders WIN!!

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