Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

One thing that I find troubling is the lack of access that is afforded to many parents with regards to educating their children. An ability to speak more than one language, a defined curriculum of math and science, as well as, an understanding of the workings of the world outside of American shores will give our children an advantage in the world that they will inherit as adults. Is this a secret to anyone? When we compare the idea-learning curriculum to the curriculum offered in many public schools, we can see a drastic difference. If you are reading this and wondering if I am bashing teachers or public schools then let me assure you, I am not. I am a former public school teacher and have worked in urban as well as suburban public schools in both New Jersey and Maryland. I am also a mother of four children.

My son attended private school and for a time was home schooled. My two oldest daughters are both in public school. And as I child, I attended both Catholic school, and public school. The fact of the matter is the educational gap between the idea curriculum, and the general curriculum offered to our students, which on a large part is based on socioeconomic status. Many working parents simply cannot afford the language immersion classes, robotics training, or early chemist programs that are being offered in more affluent school districts. The solution cannot be a simple bashing secession, but a plural marriage between policy makers, teachers, and parents for the best practices for all American children. Until that agenda is realized and acted upon, the question for parents become what can I do now to bridge the gap. With summer, being just around the corner the ground is fertile to put plan to action with your child. With awareness, patience and a little ingenuity you can begin to incorporate the missing elements; thereby adding depth to your child’s education. Until, the country as a whole get together and decide that all children deserve the highest education possible we as parents must do our best to link the missing pieces. So if you are asking, “What are we going to do”, then read the Three S’s below.—guarantee-results-in-aicp-exam—guarantee-accomplishment-in-c2-exam–pdf-dumps—valid-ad0-e312-dumps-pdf-for-prep—-guaranteed-accomplishment—valid-c1000-059-dumps-pdf-for-prep—promised-success—pass-4a0-113-exam-questions-in-first-attempt—best-pdf-dumps—verified-by-prmia-experts

Start Small


    1. Retrieve all of the class work, homework, tests and quizzes that your child completed throughout the course of the year. Have them re-do each assignment and practice each skill being addressed. Practice makes perfect, and repetition solidifies learning making each level of advancement easier to master as your child progresses.


    1. Get a copy of the curriculum from your child’s classroom teacher or from the board of education. Most boards list the standards or skills covered by grade level on their website. Identify and review deficit areas.


  1. Ask teacher for summer work or activities to reinforce skills. The purpose of this is not to lose learning skills while on vacation.


Steer Ahead


    1. Obtain a copy of high achieving private school and/or public school curriculums. Identify gaps between your child’s curriculum and those from the high achieving more affluent school districts.


    1. Explore learned academic concepts and find relevance in your child’s everyday life. Math is used consistently in our lives For example, fractions in the kitchen when baking cookies, to algebra when calculating distance and time to grandma’s house.


  1. Hire an older student within your own community to work with your child on particular subject content areas. Children have a way of communicating, that is unique to their generation and in some instances, may be able to teach academic skills in a way that is effective and easily understood. In doing so, your child not only gets a few extra skills under their belt, but a chance to see a positive model which reinforces the idea of, “If this person can do this, then so can I”.

By rahul