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Stopping Adult Education Programs Might Lead to Higher Crime Rates – Clemenbit
Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

I woke this morning and read on the newspaper that Fullerton Joint Union High School District is planning to suspend its adult’s education program from beginning in the 2010-11 school year. I’m sure that stopping those educational programs will save our government few bucks, but the question we should ask ourselves if eventually stopping those educational program won’t cost our society more.

Stopping those education programs will close the alternative our society is offering to drug dealing burglary and crime. Stopping those educational programs might lead us to deal with rise in crime rate. Fighting high crime rates will cost our society much more money than continuing to support those educational programs. Have you ever thought how much money we spent on protecting our house from burglars, have you thought how much money dealing with drug addicts and drug dealers cost our society.

It would be naive to think that continue supporting those educational programs will take our burglars and drug dealers from the streets and will send them to our schools and educational institutes, but imagine how much damage can be prevented if we could just create an educational alternative for a few burglars or drug dealers among our society. Imagine that instead of spending more money on locksmiths, locks, keys and security systems to protect our cars and houses, we will spend little money to create an alternative for those how deal with drug dealing and burglary.

I know that in time of recession it’s important to cut the budget and use our financial resources to create more jobs. But what job we would be able to offer if we won’t give adults in our society a second chance to gain education and by that will lead them to crime. Stopping educational programs for adults might create a circle that would cost us more money to stop than to prevent.

By rahul