Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

A resume is a valuable marketing tool that when well crafted, maximizes your chances of being seen by prospective employers who will invite you for an interview. While there are indeed stories of people who were hired based on just their resume, the reality is your resume does not get you a job. The sole purpose of your resume is to get you interviewed by the hiring manager. How will you measure up?

Since the resume is such a crucial part of your job search, it is imperative that you make the necessary efforts to ensure that you get rewarding results. Every day, many job applicants take the risk of writing their own resume. It is a risk that is too expensive to take when there is so much at stake. You have already invested so much into getting a quality education. Why diminish your qualifications by not further investing into marketing yourself? Usually, you will only get as much as you put in.

Think of all the channels that your resume must go through. If you are applying to a midsize to large company, a recruiter in the Human Resources Office will be the first to go through the hundreds or perhaps even thousands of responses. When the hiring manager posts a vacancy, he or she usually submits a job description to the recruiter. The job description is made up of categories such as: Required Education, Minimum Requirements, and Preferred Requirements etc. The recruiter sorts this enormous stack of responses into the accepted or rejected piles based on the criteria of the job description. Of course, their decision will be based on what they quickly scan within the first minute.

Needless to say, the rejected pile goes straight to the garbage. The accepted pile will go through another round of scrutiny to pick out the top 10 or 20, depending on the request of the hiring manager. A weak resume will not survive this round. The recruiter will then submit the finalists to the hiring manager, who again will assess your resume in detail to see if you have the necessary qualifications. In my role as a hiring manager, I have literally picked resumes apart at this stage, throwing some in the garbage at a glance.

Given the aforementioned process, it is wise for the serious job hunter to leave the writing in the hands of a professional resume writer. The writer should not be one who creates imaginary and farfetched claims that you will never be able to substantiate in an interview. Remember even if you do get a job based on lies, you may get terminated further down the road when the lie catches up with you. There are several new employees who listed phony degrees on their resumes, who were shown to the door once the verification process took place.

A professional writer will extract your factual related job experience and credentials along with your accomplishments and use them to present you as someone who can bring significant value to a prospective employer. Your writer will also use the correct format (Chronological, Functional, or Combination) and design to arrange your key selling points in the most compelling way. Furthermore, your professional writer knows how to use strategy to present job applicants who have aspects working against them such as job-hopping, little experience, or no college degree. There are also those candidates who need special attention such as converting their resumes from military to civilian or those who desire a career change. Does the applicant overstate their achievements to the point of being ludicrous or does he downplay his qualifications in the name of modesty? Will your resume make you seem overqualified and a potential threat to the hiring manger who may think you will one day get his job?

The bottom line is your resume is too important of a document to leave in the hands of an amateur or to use resume books to copy lines that do not accurately reflect who you are and what you have to offer. A copy and paste job is also a far cry from the customized and personalized document that your writer will prepare for you. When a professional resume writer writes your resume, rest assured that he or she is incorporating strategy, expertise, and marketing techniques to present you at your very best on paper.

By rahul