Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

In this digital age, many parents are turning to providing their children with games as a way to keep them occupied, forgetting that there is a fabulous assortment of children’s educational DVDs available on the market.

These types of movies are often created by educators and child psychologists who have spent years studying child behavior. They then use their experience to create movies that will not only teach your kids but entertain them too so they have fun learning. Modern videos that teach are created using better educational methods

Children’s educational DVDs can give your kid a learning edge, but they won’t make them into a child genius. It’s important to have realistic expectations when exposing your child to movies that teach. As well, you don’t want to make the mistake of putting unnecessary pressure on them to learn information their little minds aren’t ready to digest yet.

That said, these types of DVDs can really enrich your child’s life and create a love of learning in them at a young age. They provide information in an easy-to-absorb format that can help flatten the learning curve. And they can usually keep a young child’s short attention span far longer than reading would.

These types of movies can be rent or bought. Many stores carry them, from specialty toy stores to big box department stores. Online you can buy them from Amazon, which has a fabulous selection. Children’s educational DVDs can also be rented from almost any video rental place. Sometimes you can borrow them from the library or rent them for a very low fee from the library. NetFlix allows you to choose and rent movies from the comfort of your home, and these movies are then delivered right to your mailbox.

Older children may enjoy the video clips found on websites such as and, both of which have a great selection of educational material. Even National Geographic has some real treasures online for kids to discover.

By rahul