Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

I just read an article that indicated that 82% of our nation’s schools are failing. In this article, we will look at the dismal statistics behind this statement, and also learn how speed reading is the answer to our nation’s educational crisis.

At the current time, 40% of all high school students fail to graduate. While this may seem like a bad number, it is actually much worst. Years ago, I worked in New York City’s inner city schools. The high school where I taught had a 2% graduation rate. I volunteered to help by teaching accelerated learning and speed reading, and the principal said it wasn’t in the curriculum. I pointed out he had a 98% failure rate, and wondered how I could ruin his numbers.

I was teaching Biology. I discovered that my students were unable to do their homework because they didn’t know how to find the answers to their chapter’s questions. I was teaching them how to do their Biology homework in their Biology textbook, when the principal walked into my classroom. Demanded to know what I was doing. When I explained I was teaching my students how to successfully do their Biology homework, he said, “this is not what we are paying you to teach. You are not working. I told you not to teach learning in my school. This is not your job.” He then wrote me up for not working when he came into my classroom.

If you ever wanted to know why so many of our students are failing, I think you can see it isn’t entirely their fault. The system is totally broken, and out of touch with the kids. I quit my job as a teacher to become an educator. I incorporated speed reading, and brain based learning strategies into my school. Just wait till you see what happened.

A group of my students whose ages ranged from 11-15 completed a semester of Life Long Developmental Psychology. This is a Sophomore college course, and my children finished the book in one week using speed reading. They took the CLEP exam, an advanced placement test, and 15 out of the 18 students pass the CLEP for college credit.

We also taught the students public speaking. A different group of 11-15 year olds decided to start a business. Their business was a not-for-profit designed to raise money for Down’s Syndrome research. They pursued this because one of the children had a brother with this disease. Using their reading skills, they developed a product, and had it manufactured in China. They created their own web site in Front Page, and appeared on Fox and NBC news. They gave talks before Rotary and Lion’s clubs, and in a single year their raised $93,000.00 for Down’s Research. They also won the Silver Pyramid Award in advertising. They won as the best not-for-profit company in America, and competed against company’s run by adults.

After experiencing the failure of the school system to provide a decent education, and then experiencing the difference that adding speed reading and accelerated learning skills, I can safely say that speed reading can provide a solution to our nation’s education problem. In my next article, I will tell you more about my experiences with brain-based learning strategies and educational success.

By rahul