Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Two people copulating without any knowledge of mind and body are as useful to each other as uncooked ham and eggs to a hungry customer in a diner or restaurant. Basically sex is not about the merging of two parts but the glorification of two unique individuals with so much power between them a whole new world could be presented if they only knew how to unleash it. Everything starts in the mind is complimented by the spirit and utilized or implemented by the members of the body. If you educate the mind you automatically enlighten the body.

Here in Ireland it is widely perceived that Irish men know as little about sex as they do about most things related with women. We could also argue that women actually know very little about men too but decline to admit it.

In fact it is very true to know that most of us all over the world know very little about the workings of the mind, let alone the benefits of mind and body stimulation.

Flitting from partner to partner like a bee hovering from flower to flower may have physical benefits but will be lacking in mental education and insight. Sure one may have good sex and be as withdrawn as a prostitute and if that is all you seek then be one.

If on the other hand you desire to give as well as receive then develop more wisdom through educated knowledge so you may enjoy real pleasure. We were created to enhance each other not to ridicule, be disrespectful, taunt, abuse, harass or simply to be indifferent to each others needs. We are created to love one another!

If you are a student of the mind with a high capacity sex drive then it shall behoove you to understand the magic of meditation as an enhancement to your mission. When a couple becomes attracted towards each other foreplay is immediately set on automatic whether they are aware of it or not.

Everything that a man can do to induce his mate that he is right for her he does and likewise with the woman she will do all she can to encourage her man that she is right for him. All this goes on behind the scenes and away from the physical copulation of sexual intimacy. True insightful intimacy is as important for men and women therefore it is immaterial whether same gender or opposite gender; to know is to love, to love is to give and to receive pleasure gratefully.

Yet as soon as sex is initiated foreplay goes out the window and routine sets in with the majority feeling shortchanged. If truth be told both are feeling the essence of a missing ingredient but not everyone is aware or even willing to acknowledge being aware of it.

Orgasms are magical and while they reduce the electrical charge of physical want with an explosive charge they do not satisfy the long term mental or intellectual needs of the mind, spirit and body. Of course one has to be aware of ones own needs before one realizes the needs of another and most lovers have a vague understanding regarding needs and wants.

The strongest aphrodisiac is respect; both for ones partner and ones own person. Therefore if you do not own your mind enhancing it with positive strong self-esteem there is no way in hell frozen over that you can relate with your lover. The only ones capable of exquisite techniques are specialists in sex but they are not ‘tied’ to you intellectually; it is just a job. Loneliness is reaching epidemic proportions and it is no wonder too with such little appreciation for enlightened educated and loving intimacy.

As intellectual humans we desire more than a simple orgasm; we need the pleasure derived from full and complete participation from morning to night and all points in between. Thus it stands to reason that if you improve your self-esteem awareness levels you will by default become more in tune with the intellectual requirements of your lover.

I do recommend all and sundry to invest in the benefits of the techniques awaiting between the pages of excellent books like the numerous sex education books available at your local bookstore, library or through various internet outlets. The more we know about the workings of the body and lovemaking techniques the less distraught we shall be with our mates and life in general too.

By rahul