Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

We can go to the dentist if we have an abysses tooth. We can go to the doctor if we have anything wrong with us. We can go to the gym and have a personal trainer work us out. Where can you go when your sex life is not working, to a sacred sex worker? I don’t think so! Not for most  of you anyway.

Educational books and DVD’s  are a good place to begin.

How about  a board-certified sex therapist. They have their degree and  training.  They can explain about exercises to practice very much like reading a book, good information but it leaves something missing. And they are definitely a place to begin.

What about  going to an educated spiritual sexuality practitioner or working with a sexual surrogate in conjunction with a sex therapist?   It makes sense to you.  Your marriage is on the rocks because your sex life no longer exists. You need help . You need to improve or learn new  sexual skills. Your spouse is refusing to be intimate, sensual, sexual and is actually breaking their marriage vows but it is not  seen in this manner. The partner that desires to have a love life is considered over sexed.

The  sexless partner proclaims  infidelity and grounds for divorce. That means  by seeking professional help you are cheating on your marriage.  It does not matter that the sexless partner is  starving the other. Or that they no longer have a sex drive so their beloved should no longer desire to be sexual either.

Taking care of your sexual dysfunction is a very important problem to solve:  For men premature ejaculation, retarded ejaculation, loss of sex drive, loss of an erection mid love making.

As a  women are you non-orgasmic, never had an orgasm and don’t know what the big deal is about? Or are you a women who loves sex and is desperately needing to be adorned and sexually appreciated and your partner is consumed in the garage with a dying libido.

Sexual abuse in a woman’s history will reveal itself in a loss of sexual desire once the kids are born. Your wife won’t talk about it, it was long ago. “I just don’t enjoy sex any more” she says. So what are you to do as a man?

Let’s say there is no problem but you know there is something missing. You know if you could just go back to school, in a manner of speaking, sex 101 for the mature audience.

* For instance, there are 5 different types of orgasms and 5 levels of orgasm men and women can experience.

*Men and Women can learn to breathe their body into a full orgasm, without genital focus lasting 5 -20-60 minutes.

*Men, you can learn to manage your sexual energy and control your ejaculative response experiencing multiple orgasms without ejaculating.

* Men, you could also learn how to bring your female partner to a full g-spot ejaculation, if you knew where her g-spot was.

* Women, you can learn how to bring your man to a full body orgastic state that leaves him shaking in ecstasy for 30 minutes after his ejaculation.

*Women,  you can learn to play and have fun with oral sex, an intimate way of saying I love You.

Or you both can settle for the way it has been for the past so many years. Doing  what you thought was normal, a few minutes of foreplay followed by 10 minutes of intercourse, ending with a 5 to 9 second ejaculation for the man and no orgasm for the woman. Gee, that sounds like fun, and definitely easier then rocking the proverbially boat.

Gosh forbid, men, if you lovingly challenge your wife. You may not get the little bit  of sex you’re getting now. After all you talked about it before to no avail. Why keep bringing it up? It just upsets her. Your needs are not as important as her lack of interest anyway. It is easier to be silent then truthful. The big question is when are you going to really do something about this broken situation?

Women, let’s get honest about what is not working for us. Like almost everything, not enough intimacy, touching, talking, kissing or flowers. Definitely he is not a skilled lover, not the way he use to be. He cannot last more the 10 minutes and you are not even warmed up or he lasts too long and you just want him to get it over with.   How could you teach each other what you need? No one taught you! Is it OK to ask for what you need and desire?

Would you like a willing partner who enjoys bringing  you pleasure the way you need it not necessity the way you have been doing it. Remember It use to be good  but all things need to evolve. Now it is just boring.  The spice of life is missing. Women, how do you have an orgasm? Do you know how to ejaculate? Do you know where your G-spot/area is? No Why not?

Men, how long do you last and is it long enough for you and your partner? Do you have early ejaculation.

By rahul