Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

Sen. Amy Klobuchar:

Well, the first was really echoed in the words, the haunting words of one of the officers, who said over the radio: “Does anybody have a plan?”

There was just no preparation for this kind of an event, despite the fact that you had reports on social media of people posting pictures of the underground tunnels and the maps to the underground tunnels.

So, the number one thing, no preparation, no really plan for where the officers were stationed. This was not the fault in any way of the front-line officers. They valiantly defended and did their jobs. This was the leadership of the Capitol Police.

You start with the fact that you have the officers, 75 percent of them were in their plainclothes. One of the platoons were not able to access their equipment because it was locked in a bus, so they could only look at it through the window.

You have got situations where only 10 percent of them had civil disturbance training. And then you have three different intelligence units within the Capitol Police. And, of course, that should be combined.

On the outside, FBI, the reports that were coming in didn’t get enough information to the high-level people in the Capitol Police. And, as you — as was noted, the Department of Defense, it took quite a while for them to get the National Guard over.

So, all in all, we made 20 recommendations. We have to act on them immediately. And it was really our job to investigate, yes, but to come up with some recommendations. And it was important that this be bipartisan, so we can get them done.

By rahul