Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

The most vulnerable group among the poor and underprivileged populations of the world is the women and the child. They are the most endangered species. This becomes a more disturbing factor when certain cultures of the world are brought into closer focus. In such cultures, especially among cultures like Africa and Asia, the woman and the girl child occupy a secondary place. Also in some cultures, much family burden is laid on the shoulder of these two groups, yet with the least productive capacity and physical strength.

The major problem of the child among certain poor and underprivileged circles of the world is that she is given less attention than the male peers in terms of formal education and skilled knowledge by the family. The girl child among the poor, in her daily struggle to overcome the string of poverty due to lack of education and skilled knowledge, is also exposed to situations that continually threaten her safety and the dignity both as a person and as woman. As a matter of fact, it is evident that the poor child is continually exposed to rape and other such things in her daily struggle to overcome hunger, poverty and disease. So many other factors can come up in cases of the rural woman and the girl child in their struggle to escape poverty, hunger and disease.

All the daily challenges of hunger and disease, and poverty facing the rural woman and the girl child within the poor populations of the world, especially within the third world nations are all traceable to illiteracy and lack the needed survival skills that would enable them to break the chain of dependence on the male folk, and thereby reduce the level of vulnerability to which they are exposed.

This implies that what the girl child and the poor rural women need for them to have their exposure to poverty, hunger and disease reduced or totally eradicated is self empowerment through skilled knowledge acquisition. This is where educational charity by the concerned and interest groups in poverty alleviation and the protection of the woman and girl child comes in as a veritable tool. In this case what the poor and less privileged rural woman and the poor girl child need is a set of provisional educational curriculum made available educational charity resources.

By rahul