Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

It seems that in today’s society there are two categories of people: successful people and mediocre people who fail in everything they do. Moreover, mediocre people blame everything around them for their failures: the government, the politicians, friends, family etc. You can hear some people complaining all the time. “If I have attended another university I wouldn’t be here anymore! I would have more money and I would have bought a house in a big city. “Nonsense! These are only excuses!

Let me tell you something: although there are less successful people in this world,many of them have started from scratch,they haven’t even finished a school! Many have passed through difficult conditions and situations but their self confidence and their desire to become better and to follow their dreams made them overcome any obstacle and succeed! The main factors were not the environment,the wealth or famous college they have graduated, but self-confidence and continuous self-education!

Remember this if you want to succeed in any area! Not school education will make you a valuable person, but the continuous improvement of your skills and the desire to be more, to do more and have more! Whether it’s about business or about your personal life, self-education allows you to learn any skill you want, in your terms. This way we are no longer forced to spend years in a school,when we can learn much more on our own in one or two years!

Self-education helps you find out who you really are, what you want you want to do and what you need! This way you learn to think on your own, to guide yourself only by your own rules, to deal with more difficult periods and especially not to be manipulated by anyone!—optimal-choice-for-a00-231-exam-questions-prep—optimal-choice-for-ct-ai-exam-questions-prep—guarantee-success-in-18-exam—guarantee-good-results-in-1z0-068-exam—guarantee-achievement-in-1z0-1062-21-exam—guarantee-achievement-in-250-428-exam—guarantee-success-in-300-425-exam—guarantee-accomplishment-in-300-515-exam—assure-success-in-500-451-exam

Of course,the self-education process is not just milk and honey! You’re often forced to turn away from the comfort that many people are looking for, to pass through unpredictable circumstances, to improvise and to adapt yourself all the time! But all these things make you stronger and more valuable and without them the success is not possible!

I want to offer you now few tips to educate yourself,no matter what you have now or where you are and especially how to enjoy and have fun with this process.-read a lot: there are so many books, which cost almost nothing, but they can transform your life through the information they contain!

-make a habit from personal development, reserve yourself an hour in the morning to work on you and your personality. Listen to seminars and audio books when you’re in traffic,in the train, in the plane.. It does not matter! Use that time to learn something!

-study successful people and learn from them, watch what they are doing, how they get their results.If you can, contact them, ask them questions and watch them every day

-always ask questions and be curious: always try to see why things are the way they are!

-be a student! Not a follower! Find your own way, don’t follow other people’s way! Study and see what works you and what you like the best!

-learn from the people you don’t like! It doesn’t make much sense,does it? Why should I learn from someone I don’t like? Well, many times people we don’t like people can give us very valuable information and lessons! Put your pride aside and try to learn the lesson!

-put your beliefs at doubt. You may have some beliefs that pull you down! Accept that you can go wrong and replace them with more powerful beliefs!Practice them,live by your new beliefs!

-have fun! Self education must be a fun and interesting process! Laugh of your mistakes, learn from them and always create… improvise! This way you will have great stories to tell!

By rahul