Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Good tuition classes for our kids’ studies would be rare and expensive all over the world. Even if our kids are bright students they need some nurturing and before hand training for which they are going to learn in school.Once they learn before their performance would be better than ever and the teacher in school notices their improvement and they gain a confidence which makes them to shine brighter.

Even though every stage of the kid’s life require different types of coaching the above said method is fundamental of all. We must coach them as they like. In children’s view their classes should give a feel at home, nurturing, triggering their passion, very interesting, innovative etc. Teacher should be friendly but firm. We may make them attentive in class by conduction periodical progress measuring and parents meeting.

For instance for kindergarten children we may nurture them with following techniques such as storybooks, puppets, coloring sheets, posters, flashcards, puzzles, games, songs, painting, creating letter books, making alphabet collages, flannel board stories, file folder games, computer games and software, bulletin boards by creating and adding variety to our theme, we can ensure that children will remain interested in our lessons.
















We may identify students who have genuine intellectual curiosity, strong academic abilities and the qualities of character necessary to succeed in a demanding educational program. The nurturing will be more than normal teaching and testing, we can wakeup the inner self of student to give their best and identify the affinity to subjects they have. Firstly we must find out dyslexia in dull students and treat each individual as per their need.

Once the measuring of skill level of a kid is done we must engage them to the appropriate teaching technique. Teacher should be able to read the mind of kids. The following methods would help and make visible result improvement within 2 months:

Classes with a maximum of 3 students

Focus on examination point of view

Concentration on school homework, essay writing, creative writing, vocabulary building, grammar

Training with real previous years papers with the latest syllabus

Education would not be complete unless it guides the children morally

The onset of a borderless world community coupled with rapid
changes in society make it pertinent that the Civics and Moral

Education be revised to ensure the
continued provision of a sound ballast for our children in the
development of their moral character and in fostering their love and
commitment to the nation. The Moral Education builds in the children the requisite knowledge,
skills and attitudes that will enable them to adequately handle
competing and conflicting demands while holding firmly to their
moral integrity, and fulfilling their roles as responsible citizens.

By rahul