Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

Having established that you need to be self employed to stand a better chance of success, let’s now look at what you need to make the right investment decisions with the income you are going to generate through your own self employed business. Financial education is essential if you are going to achieve personal success. In my previous article I eluded to the fact that you can’t rely on financial advisers to provide you with the personal success you are seeking. The reason for this is because most financial advisers are limited in the investments they can offer you through their own licence or that of the licensed dealer group they belong to.

It’s no secret either that certain investment products are promoted more than others because of the overriding commissions received to put your money into them. A conflict of interest results and that’s not an investment environment you want to be in. No, the solution is to take responsibility of your own investments and decisions and you do that through seeking out the best financial education. Financial education that will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to eliminate debts, increase cash flow, minimise tax and give you the power to understand the wealth creation strategies used by rich. There are many ways of acquiring this knowledge. Through books, courses, online sites and forums and specifically designed programs. Your task is to seek out the best method for you to acquire these skills

By using the secrets to success with financial education you will be building the foundation to your own personal success. Once you have acquired these the next step is to associate with or gain access to the most successful wealth creation experts in the world. Would you listen to a multi millionaire or billionaire on the wealth strategies they used to become rich? I know I would. You can gain access to these elite experts through many wealth seminars or conferences readily available throughout the world. The harder task is finding the best of these but research will show the true quality of each. Your aim is to learn what to invest in and how and when to do it. Wealth creation is also about knowing when to get in or out of investments and not just what to invest in. Only through experts who have actually done it will you learn the secrets to success.

With the knowledge you acquire through your financial education combined with the mentoring from world leaders in wealth creation you have the secrets to personal success. This is what true financial education [] is about. Having the power to understand what you are doing and when you need to do it. The benefits achieved through financial education will help your personal development and you will gain a confidence and joy about the art of investing.

By rahul