Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Creativity in school educational software isn’t always a given, but if we are to unleash the talent that often lies dormant, we must open up both our world and that of our children so that they can explore and create in a safe and fun environment. Pen and paper is the natural medium for many, even today in this world of fast paced technology and exciting innovation. I applaud this loyalty to the old ideals, but I also embrace the keyboard, mouse and the screen. They offer opportunity to let escape those secret thoughts without inhibition and either glory in them or store them for another day. The children of the 21st century need this exposure to the world of computing and if they are to compete with their rivals and come out victors they need to be able to combine the technical with the creative; these worlds need to merge.

Have you ever thought of writing from personal experience; anything can be a stimulus.


  • A walk at dusk – experience it, then write it.
  • A response to a piece of music.
  • An argument between siblings.
  • After watching your favourite film, use extracts and re-write them. Yet another way to benefit from the educational software that is out there.


Try to write alongside your children, give yourself a short time frame so that ideas erupt and then read them to each other. Crafting can come later. Sharing the experience, identifying your unique writing voice and discussing how to improve is the learning curve neither adult nor child can afford to avoid. It is an opportunity for you to grow too, so that you keep in touch with the world in which your child will have to be a part of, will want to be a part of, but this can come after your child has explored the software in question. They can become your teacher, at least giving you insight into the merit of the school educational software they are using. Let them be judge and jury. It has to be worth the risk?

This is where school educational software can help. Most software offers children the opportunity to create their characters as they go, to review there story and even have it read back to them so they can check that the story flows. This can be particularly useful for children who are unable to hold a pen and paper.

What’s the Point?

Story infiltrates our everyday lives, it encourages a voice, helps us identify pattern and character. In school life, no subject is free of it. Creativity in English, indeed across all subjects is not an option, it is essential for lifelong learning. School educational software can help to encourage your child with the wide range of options which allow them to start their own creative world, but it certainly should not be the only tool they use. Whatever you decide to use, remember it is only a tool and any tool that engages your child has to be worth the time and effort.

By rahul