Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

It’s amazing how many requirements that the government puts forth and the number of regulations on professionals. Often professionals through their licensing are required to go to ongoing education. The more licenses they have, the more education is mandatory for them to renew those licenses, and this provides them with a huge hit on their time factor. They end up spending so much time learning all the new rules and regulations, and going to continuing education classes, that they don’t have enough time to serve their clientele – or to make money and feed their family.

This is quite unfortunate indeed, and as we try to regulate morality, what we are seriously doing, is that we are preventing ethical people from entering such professions because we are making the rules and regulations so onerous – that it puts up barriers to entry. That’s no way to spur on small business, or increase our employment base. But that’s what’s happening. The time constraints are quite serious, and they are huge complaints of just about any professional in any industry which requires licensing from the government.











Then you must realize that there are licenses at city levels, county levels, state levels, and the federal government as well. Each state has different rules for the professionals they license, and in some cases, although it is not often required cities and counties have their own rules for various professions, and for those folks to maintain their business licenses. Just more hoops to jump through, and don’t forget there is a cost to all this and that cost must be passed onto the consumer, customer, or client.

Next consider that if you raise your prices too high the clientele will not be interested in taking your services. But you have to raise the price to pay for all the time you’ve spent not helping the client, but studying the rules and regulations, and completing the ongoing education required courses. These are all very serious issues, and we are not addressing them in our society correctly, instead we are compounding the problem each and every year with more rules and regulations to the point that we are becoming ineffectual and inefficient at the things we do. Please consider all this.

By rahul