Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Educational toys are made and used by children. Children are continuously interacting and are learning about the world they live. And play and toys goes together for the child’s growth and development. Toy and play are synonymous to each other. But toys and educational toys are different. Educational toys should be able to educate a child something in the process of playing.

It should be able to promote physical and emotional development of the child. In order for the child to the gain the benefit the educational toys,it should be able to teach and educate him/her. It should teach the child about any particular subject or should be able to develop a certain skill while they do interact with the toy.

Educational toys should also create an enjoyable and enthusiastic play while the child engage in new and innovative ways to learn without letting them realize they are learning. Most of the times children find it boring when they are told to study, but with interactive educational toys, children find it more interesting and exciting.They can make children more mentally active.—exam-dumps—exam-dumps-questions—unlock-career-advancement-probabilities—pdf-questions—pdf-questions—exam-questions—top-you-to-the-accomplishment—exam-dumps-pdf—unlock-profession-advancement-chances

Sometimes, educational toys are often overly applied to advertising in order to promote products to parents. Some are very expensive compared to the traditional toys. However, it should be understood that the price of the toy has no relation to what it can teach the child. Parents should be able to know what the toy teaches their children when they play and interact with these toys.

Today, any parent has no doubt that educational toys have played a part of the modern educational curriculum, whether they are preschoolers or not. Many toy manufacturers are more aware of this trend that they make their product more children user friendly.

Plato, the Greek philosopher, says in Laws:

“I’m going to explain how one should describe education: It is this I insist that man who intends to be good at a particular occupation must practice it from childhood both at work and at play he must be surrounded by the ‘special tools of the trade.’

We should learn to use the children’s games to channel their pleasures and desires towards activities in which they have to engage when they are adult… “

By rahul