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Reasons Why A University Needs a New Childcare Building – Clemenbit
Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

The unemployment rate may be high, but that only means that more and more people are opting to go back to school. Colleges and universities are seeing an increase in enrollments due to high job loss and the increased back-to-school benefits that have been supplied by the government via grants and loans.

As a result, the schools are flooding with new students of all ages, looking for a good education and better opportunities.

Adding Space
This means that schools have to step things up a notch to provide the best education possible, which includes adding on to their campus in the form of classes offered, professors, administrative employees and space.

This includes additional buildings for classrooms, computer labs, administrative offices, dormitories, libraries, study halls, snack rooms, or general gathering spaces. The building could be used for all of the above.

Childcare Center
Aside from the obvious, there are other things a new building could offer to the many Americans who have gone back to school to start fresh. One practical addition is a childcare center.

Childcare is the single biggest concern of any parent going to school or working full-time. The concerns about whether or not their child is in a safe and nurturing environment overshadows many other concerns, such as performing well on an exam. If the child is having a particularly hard time adjusting to his mom or dad going to school, this can be even more difficult for the new student.

Adding a childcare building that is on campus at any university affords numerous benefits for the entire school. The first, and most obvious, is the ability to offer students a lower cost childcare facility that is nearby. Parents would be able to pop in and check on their children quickly and conveniently between classes to help the child adjust. This puts the parents’ minds at ease, giving them more opportunity to participate in classes and perform well.

In addition, a childcare facility on a university campus would also be a way of providing hands-on training, or work study, for students of Child Development programs. Students, under the supervision of a professional childcare provider, could volunteer their time at the childcare facility, giving them hands-on experience in their field, the ability to earn additional credits toward their degree program, and earn money for the university that can be used to hire more professors, upgrade facilities and technology, or raise employee salaries.

This opportunity is not seen in many universities, but would offer dramatic benefits to the entire school. A new building is just the first step.

By rahul